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INS is a proud partner with Allworx and offers Allworx tech support in the Orlando area. Allworx is the perfect communication system for your business. It has many amazing products and features. INS is a long-time partner and Allworx tech support provider. Many phone companies will charge you a ton of money for instillation and will slowly raise your phone bill and before you know it your bill is through the roof. INS isn’t like that. Our motto is it’s about people, not machines. We truly mean this. We offer the opportunity to have us come in and analyze your current phone system and your current phone bill for free. More often than not after our analyzation we are able to offer you a free phone system and offer you a lower price on your phone bill than what you are currently paying, along with constant Allworx tech support. Because of our partnership with Allworx we are able to offer you the most modern technology at an unbelievable price point. Like we stated earlier we understand it’s about the people, and switching to a new phone system could cause a lack of production, but not with INS. We will install your new phone system after hours and train your staff to use the new Allworx so you and your staff doesn’t miss a beat.

Allworx Tech Support

Allworx Business Telephone Systems

Allworx business telephone systems are the reigning power in the VoIP phone system sector, and they have the products and data to back it up. Allworx business telephone systems are exactly what every office needs. They have all the features and products needed to keep your business telephone systems running at peak performance. Allworx has more than 760,000 business telephone systems users. Their VoIP phones offer programmable function buttons, high-fidelity audio with built-in headset connectivity, and easy to use one-touch dialing.

Allworx Reach System

Allworx recently came out with the Allworx Reach system app that is a real game changer. If you’re a business professional who is constantly on the move and are not always around your desk phone but need access to your business calls, go no further. The new Allworx Reach system is a specially designed program that you can access your office phone and its calls from your personal device such as a phone or tablet. You can do all this without using your personal cell phone number. The Allworx Reach system features are virtually the same as the office version. You have intercom, call transfer, hold, and conference call options all in the palm of your hand. You can also check voicemails and have easy to use three-way calling. This product is already being used by more than 120,000 people.

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