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IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Is an IT Disaster Recovery Plan included in your Business Continuity plan? If it isn’t, it should be. Every year thousands of businesses suffer from crucial data loss because they weren’t prepared for disaster. A disaster happens so infrequently; it causes the thought of a Disaster Plan to be one of the things business owners don’t typically focus on. In true INS fashion, we want to help you be proactive instead of reactive. We want to help you save your business from down time, potential loss of clients/customers, data loss and more.

When we say “Disaster”, a disaster can range from any of the following:

  • Server Crash
  • Fire
  • Virus
  • Flood
  • Total Destruction

Keep in mind, it is also crucial to have a High Availability Plan which helps your business remain operational during smaller nuances such as:

  • Building Issues
  • Internet Outage
  • Power Outage
  • Phone Outage

INS will help you create processes and policies which help your business remain operational, during the times your business would typically be inoperable. There are several options available to help you ranging from data backup, remote access for employees to work off-site, back up internet, and more.


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3 Steps to Determining the Best IT Disaster Recovery Plan

These 3 steps are the core values INS uses in determining an IT Disaster Recovery Plan for your business.

  1. Examine your current IT infrastructure
  2. Learn how you do business
  3. Work within your budget to provide the best plan possible

If you do not have an IT Disaster Recovery plan or a High Availability plan, you need to call us today! You have an insurance plan to protect your building, and its contents, why not have a plan to protect your technology systems, data and functionality. Call 407-785-6200 or Contact Us to schedule a FREE consultation.

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