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Cost of IT Support

Cost effective IT support can be a challenge. If you’re calling independent, hourly IT support technicians for repairs to your IT systems, you know how expensive these kinds of repairs can be. If you have an in house IT support person, but aren’t really sure what they do other than fix issues when they arise, you may be wasting your money. For small and medium sized businesses, every penny counts. How do you find cost effective IT support to keep your systems up and running without breaking the bank? Do you want proactive service to help detect issues before they become problems? An IT Managed Service Provider (IT MSP) is the answer.

Affordable IT MSP

Hiring an IT MSP, although it sounds expensive, is actually one of the best cost effective IT support solutions. At Innovative Network Solutions, we will set a flat monthly rate based on your needs and budget. With a flat rate IT MSP, you receive not only the personal attention of our top rate technicians, proactive IT support, 24/7 local help desk, but also a variety of services for one low cost. We have a variety of IT Support plans that focus on on-site service, with remote support being the bonus. With on-site IT services as low as $99 per month, even the smallest business can afford to have a technology partner like INS.

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INS is a different kind of IT Group. They are very responsive to your calls for assistance and are always available regardless of the size of your company.

INS is a family owned and operated company and you feel like they are family. You are confident that whatever the issue, they will solve it.

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