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Updating your Outdated Phone Systems

How a telecommunication review paired with an Allworx phone system can help save you money.

Fixed price computer support versus a full time network admin

When considering a model for your company's IT needs, a fixed price computer support contract with a MSP can save you money and headaches.

Introduction to Cloud Security Issues

Cloud computing concerns are a hot topic. Here we cover top cloud security issues to help you get an understanding of the complexities of cloud security.

5 Benefits to Managed IT Support

Why hire an in-house staff that may work 20 hours a week, but you pay them for 40? When you hire a Managed IT Support provider, there is a team of technicians spread across numerous clients. Think of it as cost sharing for your IT support. Your technician performs proactive maintenance to avoid issues, helps if an issue does arise and moves onto the next client. No wasted time. No wasted salary.

5 Ways to Help Save Money on Technology

The beginning and continued upkeep of your busniess technology systems can be costly. We discuss some of the tips we use to help our clients save money that you can easily implement into your own business.

Data Center Services - Disaster Recovery

Protecting your data is a crucial, yet overlooked portion of the overall health of your business technology. Do you have a disaster recovery plan for your stored data? Learn more about data center services and other disaster recovery options...

Why is SEO Important

How does SEO work, and why is SEO important? Innovative Network Solutions summarizes key components of Search Engine Optimization and explains the INS SEO Service Package.

Network Administration

Most businesses today have a Network that operates within the office and often connects many offices. Network administration includes the installation, and maintenance of all the components within a network infrastructure.  A network allows users to share, and store information locally and remotely through various components. As a Managed IT service provider, Innovative Network Solutions is your affordable network administration solution. INS technicians will...

What is IT MSP?

Wikipedia defines managed services as: “… the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis management responsibilities and functions and a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.” The same principals apply to managed IT services. At Innovative Network Solutions, it’s about people, not machines. INS focuses on taking the worries and concerns of your IT needs, out of your daily stress. Services provided by Managed Service Providers (MSP) vary. For example, the services you can expect to receive at INS include but are not limited to:

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